Twitter for Mac 4.0

Twitter's official Mac app with a fresh new look and feel

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RIP ⭐️ I personally use Tweetdeck, but wanted to give 4.0 a try. It's a little too buggy IMO - keep getting the same notifications over and over. Anyone else?
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@jackdweck Happening here too. Was an instant delete after realizing we'll be basically beta testing 4.0 for them.
@jackdweck Yep same for me
@jackdweck I moved over to Tweetdeck after being a Twitter app user for a while, and have been waiting for a new native app to come out ever since. Bugs and all, I'm doing my best to stick with 4.0- just hoping for an update. I'm honestly okay with losing some of Tweetdeck's functionality because Twitter (should) cover the bases for me.
I'm a long time Tweetdeck user. I cmd+tab to it hundreds of times each day. TBH, Tweetdeck does everything I need so I'm not sure if there's anything in this 4.0 release that will get me switch.
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@rrhoover I was just about to ask if anyone knew anything that this would do better than tweetdeck. 🤔
@rrhoover I use Tweetdeck as well, and probably will continue to use it even after this update, but I imagine Tweetdeck is overkill to the average user. It is nice to see Twitter giving some love to their non-powerusers with some features Tweetdeck has had for a while.
@rrhoover Tweetdeck is great for power users - but similar to Gmail, for most use cases the web version of is "good enough." It seems like it would be hard to compel casual users to switchover.
@rrhoover do y'all use tweetdeck as a standalone app? So much easier for me that way... on the mac I use Fluid to create a standalone app for many things like tweetdeck
@planetmitch Why not just use the official Tweetdeck app?
I'm probably the only person who still used Twitter 3.0 as their main Twitter client on any platform. Was really excited to upgrade. Seems like this is a full rewrite (possibly ditching Flex for native?) The good: muting, tweet quotes, gifs inline all work now. The bad: It's insanely buggy. The old version was smooth and animated; the new version feels like nothing happens when you click something. The sidebar icons are awkwardly spaced out (and take up 2x as much room as before). But the worst is I keep getting notifications for things I turned off notifications for. I really hope they don't do what they did last time: launch a new version, and then abandon it for a few years. I can live with the bugginess for now if it's actively being improved.
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I still am just using Tweetdeck (in Browser) - Twitter Mac App AND Tweetdeck Mac App just never really worked as smoothly as the browser versions. Always willing to try because I use Twitter SOOOOOOOOO much
@bentossell Same here! I use Tweetdeck in browser because its smoother in there. This one may be a great (long overdue) update. But, just not worth leaving Tweetdeck.
After a long time twitter icon comes back to my dock!