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Niv DrorVC at Shrug Capital
I love Twitter Moments bring Moments back! 😩
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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
Twitter is aiming to bring all the different ways you currently look through moments, search, trends etc...into one tab called 'Explore'. Seems the Moments tab is being replaced with this and bundled in with it. Not sure that this really will move the needle for users... you’ll be able to find trends, Moments, search, and the best of live video, all within the new Explore tab. Rolling out today on iOS and in the coming weeks for Android
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I'm sad to see the Moments tab go away, but ultimately I think this is the best decision. It just makes sense to house all of the 'what's happening' part of twitter in a new tab. Hopefully this will make it easier to find live streams (sports), and other trending topics. Edit: Okay why did they move the notifications tab!
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Mike BraccoProduct at JibJab
If anyone at Twitter is listening cc @derosimona I enjoy moments but often want to view the conversation of tweet that is in a moment. However, tapping the bottom 3-dot more icon then "View Tweet" is too cumbersome. It would be great if a swipe up would take user to the tweet's conversation (and swipe down would stay the same - close moment).
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Josh PigfordFounder of Baremetrics, maker of beards.
People actually use hashtags un-ironically?!?!?! And then they use them to find tweets?!?!?! Who knew... I love Moments. Bummed it's now multiple additional taps to get to them but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯...they'll probably rearrange all the things again in a few months anyways.