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Whatever happens I need to be able to @mention someone without everyone seeing it, because honestly I dont see why that would be beneficial at all. Lots of company support is done through Twitter, if you can't @mention - looks like a bad experience IMO A lot of my day-to-day jobs will mean that people see tweets from me that is not meant for them to see. I really cant get my head around this I know Twitter is not built for just me but I'd love to hear why this @ mention move will be beneficial for everyone (incl new users). FWIW I disliked the .@ 'hack' - but that was for lazy tweeters. totally fine with getting rid of that but not the mentions in this way - not everyone who follows me wants to know when Im asking someone why my internet is slow...
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@bentossell @mention is a necessity. This is a true shot in the foot if they do away with that. Its a foundational element in my opinion.
@jmacias @bentossell @mention I believe retweeting your own reply allows everyone to see it. This function replaces .@mention usage.
@laebshade @jmacias @mention not what it seems like from the blog:
@bentossell @laebshade @jmacias @mention Right, but **replies** will only be seen by you and those mentioned unless you retweet it. You use customer support a an example, but aren't most, if not all, of those done as replies to customers tweeting at you instead of brand new tweets being sent out to a customer?
@joshuapinter @laebshade @jmacias then get ready to hate all the people who work at Product Hunt :) We do a lot of outreach. As I'm sure a lot of other companies do too
Big changes are coming to Twitter! Read @tdd's full announcement on the Twitter Blog: https://blog.twitter.com/express... Main Changes: • @mentiong names in replies will no longer count to the 140-character limit • Media (images, GIFs) will no longer count to the 140-character limit • You. Can. Retweet. Yourself. (the RT button will be enabled for your own tweets) • No more .@ (mixed feelings) I for one realllly disliked the .@ convention, and opted for restructuring my sentences so I don't have to start a tweet with .@ So this is great! But question for @tdd... Does that mean you can no longer have 1-to-1 (plus mutual followers) tweets? 😧
@nivo0o0 @tdd @mentiong It sounds like replies will act as they currently do, 1-to-1 plus mutual followers, but new @mentioning is all public. That's what I understand at least. I can understand the move, .@ is confusing, and this probably makes more sense to those new to the service, but I'm sure us hardened users will resist the change as per usual. IMO there still needs to be a way for me to @mention someone in a new tweet (not a reply) and for that not to go to all my followers. It's just how conversations work, not every (semi) private conversation is a reply.
@fredrivett you're saying starting an @reply will be private but starting a tweet with @something will be public? i don't think they'll do that... + many @one-to-one tweets start as one to one, rather than a reply to an existing tweet
@nivo0o0 Yes new tweets, not replies, with @ usernames will be seen by all followers. Replies will operate the way they do right now. At least thats what I gathered.
@sarthakgh @nivo0o0 That's how I understand it. It kinda makes sense, most people when they tweet @something blah, are wanting to do a public tweet. Especially new users. That this is a _private_ tweet is not expected behaviour when starting out. That said, when replying to someone, the expected behaviour is that the reply doesn't get broadcast to everyone, just those who care (that person and any who follow both). That also makes sense to me. The bit that doesn't make sense, is how you start a conversation with someone on Twitter, without broadcasting that to everyone you follow. There needs to be a way to do that still.
Next up: sorting out spam bots (who'll love being able to mention 50 accounts at once now), helping those getting harassed, freeing up dormant usernames, and more innovative features? Twitter need to get their priorities straight.
@iamsebj I think their focus right now is growing the user base...while I'm ALL for the fixes you suggested, I think they mainly pertain to current users :/
@tweethanframe True, but even then these aren't amazingly huge features. More than new users vs current, Twitter hasn't changed all that much in terms of features overall in the past few years.
Welcome update, but these are small quality of life changes that should've been made years ago. Still, as a daily user I'm pretty happy about this. I'd really like to see Twitter do something more integrative with Vine and Periscope. Many stars have been made on Vine and Periscope-- and many have moved to Facebook Video and IG because of a lack of visibility and flexibility. Are these three apps fundamentally different enough to warrant three separate apps? I don't think so.
Hope they test *zero* length tweets.