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Excited to ship this - would love feedback on this new tool for businesses!
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@noahmp Is this going to fold in the analytics found here - analytics.twitter.com ?
@knownhuman We'll definitely be continuing to iterate on the analytics section
@noahmp Any future plans to allow multiple account management from one dashboard?
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@noahmp awesome--dig the featured tweets tab. More integration with Tweetdeck listening stacks and Twitter Ads would be great.
#meta #yolo ✌️
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Bad news for Buffer
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@ugumu you say that, but one thing that still makes Buffer attractive is that you can set the times once and only set the tweets. I hate, HATE, HATE having to keep setting the times again and again. :)
@ugumu doubt it. for people who have used buffer, it's just not a tool, it's a way of life. just started to use the twitter dashboard today but i think buffer is way way ahead.
@ugumu probably in the future, but the scheduler still needs more working on, like @freeman_faiz said twitter now only allows scheduling of tweets individually by time and not a fixed long-term schedule
@christopher_woo @freeman_faiz @rameshdot0 You are totally right guys! Buffer is a great product and every paid user seems to be happy to pay for it. I have no arguments that Buffer will be losing huge amount of customers. However, Dashboard would probably be the first choice of green fields. First, it is free. Secondly, it has an unfair advantage that it belongs to Twitter. Ok, Dashboard lacks many must-have features for now and the team behind it probably has no plans to compete with Buffer etc. Though, I would not get it as good news for Buffer :)
@ugumu but buffer still has loads more platforms to use :)
"Twitter Dashboard is a powerful tool to connect businesses with their fans, customers, and community." -Schedule tweets -Manage your business account -Access tips and analytics
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Twitter seems to be doing well for businesses and social outreach. It's nice that when there's a problem I have with a product - most of the time I can reach the company just by sending out a tweet. Most times the response is quicker too.