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Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
There is always skepticism around Twitter growth tools for me...When a product focuses on the engagement with people - then it makes me very intrigued. Hopefully @connorblack_ can tell you more about the product :)
Connor BlackMaker@connorblack_ · Founder, Mattermark Studios
@bentossell Thanks Ben! Please see my comment below for a quick feature rundown :)
It's not working for me. I signed up for the free version.
Connor BlackMaker@connorblack_ · Founder, Mattermark Studios
@danthevc Hi Dan, I'm sorry you're having issues! Please reach out to support here: support [at] or through our website chat.
Connor BlackMaker@connorblack_ · Founder, Mattermark Studios
Hey guys, we're extremely excited to launch on Product Hunt today! We created Twit Ninja because we wanted a tool to grow our Twitter followers with real and engaged people. Twitter can be spammy, and startups/brands/businesses can get distracted by this. Our technology aims to support proven growth strategies with a focus on weeding out bots, spammers and fake accounts. Here's a quick rundown of our features: - Curate: Unfollow, follow and whitelist your audience. Manage your following, followers and non-followers (those jerks not following you back =p) - Grow: Search for potential leads using highly targeted keywords, hashtags and phrases. Get in front of these users by following them. It works like this: 1) they see a follow notification from your account, 2) they check you out, 3) if they like your profile they'll followback (for any given account we typically see a 10-20% followback rate) - Engage: View/search trending content from across the web and tweet it out to your new and existing audience. We're currently in beta and have some very cool features in the pipeline, though we like to hear from our users about what they want built. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, suggestions or problems (connor [at] Thanks!
Mauro Sicard@maurosicard ·
@connorblack_ Hi there! Congrats on Launching, love to see more apps to help grow on Twitter. I actually use CrowdFire for managing and growing 14 accounts and their customer support is very bad, also, the app and webapp continuously have bugs. I would love to move to Twit Ninja as soon as it get the features I need, and I am sure some of my friends and more people too, as Crowdfire have big bugs and issues. Keep it up!
Connor BlackMaker@connorblack_ · Founder, Mattermark Studios
@maurosicard Hi Mauro, thanks! Send me a note at connor [at] - I'd love to hear more about those features you'd want.
RawShashank@rawshashank · Growth Hacker, Gaana
Unable to register.
Connor BlackMaker@connorblack_ · Founder, Mattermark Studios
@rawshashank Hi, please email support [at] :)