Create videos with cool effects on your iPhone / iPad


Is it easy to create a movie-like scene from your phone? Of course! With some editing features brought by Twinkling, you could be a main character in any Hollywood action movies in no time. Also, you can make an amazingly fun home video or well-made documentaries by highlighting key moments with the Animated Texts and PIP effects.

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Alexander Sysoenko
  • Alexander Sysoenko
    Alexander SysoenkoCDO, Spheroid Universe AR

    teachable notion of video-layers + AR-like objects


    not too much objects for effects

    Amazing application which gives two main effects - wow and first easy step in video-editing. I appreciated that user not experienced in video-editing will have first notion of video-layers and effects usage. There is one more hugely important thing - these effects have all main attributes of augmented reality object. What is very important for education in the course of waiting for a AR big bang!!!

    Alexander Sysoenko has used this product for one day.