Create videos with cool effects on your iPhone / iPad

Is it easy to create a movie-like scene from your phone? Of course! With some editing features brought by Twinkling, you could be a main character in any Hollywood action movies in no time. Also, you can make an amazingly fun home video or well-made documentaries by highlighting key moments with the Animated Texts and PIP effects.

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1 Review5.0/5
100% would download download if it was free and try it. But 2.99 without seeing the experience first is tough
@15greenberg I'm in the same boat
@15greenberg Same as others, it's just there are so many crappy apps. Maybe limit number of effects available for preview.
Would be nice if there's a free version with a watermark when exporting just so I can test out the app before buying. It looks great though and PIP on a mobile sounds awesome!
@marawan_1997 Thank you! Let me think about it.
@marawan_1997 ya, that would be ideal. Much more likely to get into it that way
good idea. pros: prolonged addiction to mobile phone use cons: prolonged addiction to mobile phone use ;)
@loomiassistant Thank you, haha :)
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
Very impressive!