The smarter way for couples to save and invest, together.

Twine helps anyone save and invest to live a happier life, together.

Twine aims be the most intuitive, human-centric savings and investment app ever built. Save for everything from your emergency fund to long-term goals - all in one app.

Smart technology automatically invests and keeps portfolios rebalanced.

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You have to crawl through 14 pages of the advisory client agreement to find out that there's an insane 0.6% annual program fee, and you can only see this after you've spent ten minutes setting up your account. That fee is more than double any comparable app. Incredibly shady.


Beautiful design, great idea


Ridiculous hidden fees

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Ouch. That's huge.
Hi @zreeseplus Thank you for the feedback. We don’t want our fees to seem hidden. When users onboard the app and set up a goal, there is a dedicated screen that shares pricing information. We’ll work to find a way to make any fees more clear and upfront for users. Thank you again for your feedback.
Hi all hunters and makers! 👋 After months of hard work and tons of TLC, we are so excited to share the launch of Twine with you. Today, most of us have few options for achieving our financial goals. We’re forced to be financial experts and make decisions for our families. We wonder if we’re doing enough. It’s hard to get started and most of us save too little, too late. The financial services industry puts complicated technology and expensive financial products first. We’ve done the opposite. Twine is the first saving and investing app built for two. We make it easy to manage all of your shared and individual goals in one place – each with a dedicated brokerage account and customized portfolio. You can save for everything from your emergency fund to longer-term goals all within Twine. An estimated 30 million Americans save most of their money in checking or savings accounts. Twine is built to help anyone become an investor – we automatically make investments and keep your portfolio rebalanced. We view Twine as a living, breathing thing that will keep improving over time – and your feedback and thoughts help make this happen. I’d love to hear what you liked best about the product and what you want to see in the future. Most of all, thanks for coming on this journey with us. Give Twine a try and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!!! Uri and Team Twine
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@theuri great looking app, but I'm a bit surprised at the pricing - 0.6% is significantly higher than other robo-advisors (eg I pay 0.25% for Wealthfront).
Hi @ryanstenson - thanks for sharing your thoughts. First, I want to emphasize that it's completely free to use Twine, open a brokerage account and save in cash. In cases where a customer wants to invest, we charge a 0.6% AUM fee. We've baked in more complex functionality unique to Twine that allows customers to open any number of goals, each with their own brokerage accounts and portfolios. However, we do take your feedback seriously and appreciate you sharing it.
@theuri is cash investing at similar interest rates to an online savings account?
@ryanstenson As opposed to a savings account, it's a brokerage account. We make it very easy to switch from a cash savings account to an invested account later, if you choose to - without the need for you to open a new account. Here's how it works re: interest. If you choose to open an account but not invest, you’ll earn interest on your money, paid monthly into your account. The balances you keep are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), protecting you against the loss of your insured deposits up to $250,000. As of August 2017, the annual interest rate paid on cash is 0.43% . The rate adjusts in line with current federal interest rates.

Really excited to start using Twine. I have been looking for a good way to invest/save passively for a while now. The fees are negligible and free withdrawals are nice. The set up flow was fairly informative too. Hopefully the rest of the experience using the app is as good as the onboarding.


Awesome design and quick set up. Low fees too.


None - extremely straightforward

Thanks for the kind words, @briansanchez1. That made my day and I'll share with our team - I hope you keep loving Twine and we're always open to more feedback in the future!
I was about to download, then I read the iOS reviews on the iOS store... All were about how amazing the product was and it had a 5.0 review rating. I am cautious to download a product that seems too good to be true. maybe the 15 people out there that left the reviews are legit and really love the product. Or maybe its just friends and family :) I hope the product gains traction b/c it looks like it could be useful. Also, I was hoping for a totally free budgeting program and based on someone elses review here, there may be a fee?
Hi @alassiter thanks for sharing your thoughts. I want to clarify that Twine is completely free to use for goals where you're saving in cash (for example, an emergency fund - or any other goal that you prefer to save for in cash). We'll open up a brokerage account, set up auto savings and provide access to the full Twine app experience. For goals where you wants to invest, we charge a reasonable fee for investing for you and automatically rebalancing your portfolios regularly.
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