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Twine is an online platform that helps companies hire quality creative professionals to help grow their business.

Twine curates the best quality creatives for the project from their network of 200,000. This saves time and money, whilst ensuring an awesome result you can trust.

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Thanks for hunting us @wasim Hello hunters, We have a Product Hunt offer. Once your brief is posted use our voucher code: HUNTER10 About Twine: Audio-visual content is essential for a startup's growth and a quality product. But writing a creative brief and finding the best quality creative freelancer for a project is hard. Twine connects companies to creatives by making it simple to write a project brief and curating the best quality freelancers. This saves you time and money, whilst ensuring an awesome result. Briefs can be anything from logo and deck design to explainer videos. The way we differ from some of the other freelance marketplaces is our quality. Once you’ve posted a brief on Twine, creatives will pitch in on your project. We manually vet all pitches to ensure they hit our quality threshold. This saves you time and helps you get a better result. On other platforms you can get bombarded with useless pitches that just waste your time. We also only focus on audio-visual content. We believe we can serve this market better by providing beautiful portfolios for our creatives that help you make a decision. Beyond that, we really give a shit about creativity and we have a ton of features that support the creative ecosystem. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)
@stuartlogan I found that there is an unusual talent. I endorse your stance "The way we differ from some of the other freelance marketplaces is our quality." Thank you for creating such a remarkable platform.
@wasim thanks. Lots for us still to do! :)
A good site for freelancers offering great service
Great to see you guys on PH!
Absolutely brilliant! I think I will be tying out Twine soon!
A useful product! I'm trying to understand all the possibilities...