Turn tweets into beautiful images you can share on Instagram

Twimmage quickly turns tweets into sharable images. Select a twitter user; choose a tweet; add either a creative background, custom color, or custom background; then share the image to Instagram/other social media. Or share directly from twitter on Android.
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sort of annoying how multi-talented @sarahcpr is !!
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This is a cool little tool to help you share your tweets in a beautiful way, love it!
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Look awesome!
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Neat little tool. Would be great if you could paste in a tweet's URL rather than searching by username and scrolling.
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@cutlerdave You can now do this on the latest Android version, when the latest iOS version is approved it will have this change, too. Note, on Android you can also share directly from the Twitter app. If you click the share icon, select the Twimmage icon to share with Twimmage. Thanks for the feedback!
@jeff_palm Thanks! I have the iOS app. Just pushed yesterday's update but doesn't yet feature the new option. Appreciate you quickly responding to feedback and feature requests.
@cutlerdave Sure. Will ping back when it does. The latest was built for iOS but not uploaded, os probably ETA tomorrow.
@cutlerdave It's ready now. Thanks again for your feedback!
Looks like an effective marketing tool. The Lisa Frank-esque borders are far from "beautiful", but visual customization could be a great asset for branded content. I'd use it. ๐Ÿ‘
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