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#5 Product of the DayMarch 12, 2014
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Love the minimal design but unclear how this is much different than Pinterest. cc @connor
The biggest difference with Pinterest or WeHeartIt is the User Interface and the curated content. Each item is curated by a skilled staff to maintain a specific style and high quality content. The platform is build for the creative community to interact and engage with visual content and co-inspire one another by finding like minded users.
Nice and thanks for jumping into the comments, @RobustelliDavid! I'm curious, what do you use Twibfy for personally?
@rrhoover, We started Twibfy as an internal inspiration tool for our digital agency. Making mood boards and for presenting specific styles at client presentations for digital campaigns. Advertising agencies loved the tool and motivated us to open it up for the world. So we did. Personally I'm still using it for my own inspiration when working on creative concepts.
Thanks for jumping in the comments @RobustelliDavid! :)