Twenty Tables

$6 lunches from over 100 DC restaurants

TwentyTables is a socially conscious restaurant concierge platform that enables customers to order food from local restaurants, dine-in or take-out high-quality, commercially prepared meals for as little as $6.
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Yeah this is huge. City lunch options are almost always $10+. Finding the gems for $6 would be a game changer. Come to philly!
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This is very similar to MealPal?
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@chiancheng No. MealPal is a subscription service that reclaims unused meals monthly. It advertises $6 lunches, but if you use only 10 meals out of a 20 meal subscription you are paying $12 per lunch. MealPal makes money when it’s customers don’t receive the value (ie lunches) they want. That’s why they have a restricted ordering window - to discourage redemption - and they cap the number of high-quality meals (high restaurant pay out) to force redemption at lower pay out restaurants. All smoke and mirrors. TwentyTables is a true, transparent $6 meal marketplace - that wants to end hunger.
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I love this idea! Making great food more accessible is always a good idea, also love the motto: a community of food.
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Hey, @aaronoleary ! Thanks for hunting TwentyTables! If you have any questions or if there’s anything you’d like to know please reach out. Cheers!
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I love @TwentyTables! There are over 150 lunch options to choose form each day. For very 20 meals they serve, 5 are donated to a local food charity.


$6 lunches in DC and meals donated to the hungry. Win win!


The more restaurants and food trucks, the better. They are currently in Washington DC; I cant wait for them to go nationwide!