Hang out with friends in real life

Use Twenty to:
*See where your friends are on the map
*Create a Hangout to make plans for now or later
*Invite your friends and see who’s down
*Find things to do wherever you are (concerts, happy hours, sporting events, restaurants and more)
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This problem should be added to design programs as an introduction to designing social products... it's tried so often and these apps never take off. The market dynamics just never work out.
@chrismessina Hey, I'm just curious, but what do you mean? Are you specifically referring to location-based apps?
@chrismessina Probably requires better implementation, a different approach. It would be dumb to think it couldn't. This is already happening organically, all. the. time. It's an opportunity waiting for someone to figure it out.
Pretty wild to see the same features as Swarm 6+ years later: see where your friends are, make/suggest plans to meet up, location discovery (OK that's closer to Foursquare 11 but now we're talking 8+ years ago. Bridging the gap to real world experiences is a legitimate thing to make an app for.