Foursquare 11

Find the best places everywhere, every time with place pages

Foursquare 11 is an app that allows you to access over 75 million short tips from local experts.

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Here's a before and after comparison:
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@chrismessina Thanks for sharing this, Chris!
I'm honestly overwhelmed by the new venue page. Lots of information. Lots of tabs. Primary actions hidden in multiple places. Things I expect to see immediately are buried in secondary tabs (rating and popular times). But I'm optimistic. I will get used to it because I use Foursquare every single day. It's hands down the best place discovery app out there.
@tollerton Let us know how it's going after you've tried it out a for a few days ... I definitely know change is hard when you're used to a certain layout but we're hoping that this redesign will bring more great content to the forefront, and make it easier to experience a place before going via the highlights tab.
Dig the new Page Detail tabbed designs! Wish the rating was on the highlight section though
@zkantor11 This is my biggest gripe at the moment. I’m assuming it was a business case in that people were overly relying on venue ratings which led to unfair vicious cycles in the data. 11.0 is making it a fairer game for every venue.
@zkantor11 @tollerton We're actually testing that out at the moment because we heard mixed feedback from research and early betas about the placement of the map/address vs. the rating. After lots of internal debate we decided best to see how everyone responds to the placement then adjust from there. So feedback is good to know as it's hard to nail every decision at the outset, but we'll keep improving
@zkantor11 I agree I love Foursquare, and will continue to use it (got my entire family into it!) but the rating not being front and center is really annoying! Please bring it back to the first tab.
@marissa_chacko Hi Marissa. I second @tollerton: Foursquare's Ratings are THE single most comprehensive info for any place and should be visible (at least the number+color code) independently from tabs, e.g. bottom right corner of header pic.😉Thanks for reconsidering!
What IS Foursquare now? Is this not basically Yelp? Makes me think of the title from this article:
@jadojodo We have two apps ... Swarm for checking in and keeping track of where you go + City Guide for discovering places to eat, drink and visit. (excluding Marsbot since that's more a fun side project than a fully baked product)
Hey @dens, Can you tell us more about Foursquare 11? What's new and cool with this new version?
@dens @jacqvon From the changelog: "What's New in Version 11.0 This one goes to 11... Our ALL-NEW place pages will help you really *experience* somewhere before you decide to go there. Everything is broken down into Highlights, Info, Photos, and Tips. •Want to see the most important details of a place? Boom. Highlights tab. •Is this place open late? Can you bring your dog? Boom. Info tab. •Want to take a peek around? Drool over food pics? Boom. Photos tab. •What should you do when you get there? Boom. Tips tab. Finding the perfect place to go should be easy. And now it is. So next time you're elected by family and friends to pick a spot to go for dinner, plan a day at the park, or heck, even choose a movie theatre, just open up your trusty City Guide app. Everyone will be happy. You will be the hero. Your loved ones will crowd surf you out of there (probably)."