Twitter’s open source emoji featuring 2,841 emojis for free

Emojis for everyone 😄

Twitter’s open source emoji has you covered for all your project's emoji needs. With support for the latest Unicode emoji specification, featuring 2,841 emojis, and all for free.

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Nice! Is there anywhere to explore the 2685 emojis without downloading them from github?
@guillelopez_ You can use directly the CDN provided for that usage maybe?
@antoineplu Thanks for your reply, but that was not my point. I was just wondering if there is a url where I can see all the emojis.
@guillelopez_ Maybe this project can help you with that : It was linked in the repo, so I guess it's pretty accurate, even if it's not exactly as you want :/
@antoineplu That's it! Thanks.
We use these for our emoji comments on Edji, and they're awesome! They're nice looking, light weight as PNGs and SVGs, and having a consistent set of emojis means all our users on all devices see the same emojis 💯
I wonder where these guys placed the cheese in Hamburger emoji. Apple, Google & Microsoft seems to have different views on that.
@spsrinivas30 Steak, Cheese, Salad, Tomatoes
Is this a new set of emojis? We have been using twemoji 2.0 for a while. Asking if should update to the new set.
@basim_ahmad Twemoji is at the v11.0 now! So yes I guess you could update it :)
Wow, this is super useful. We use emojis for some status indications on our react native app and faced the problem that some older phones running Android have bad emoji sets which make indication look not recognizable. This project can help us make it look all the same across all platforms.