TwelveSouth BaseLift

The MacBook typing stand that’s always on standby

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I'm always a fan of TwelveSouth products, but this seems to be a bad variation to the Bluelounge product kickflip
Expensive. Use a 3 ring binder.
Hey Product Hunt! I’m Jai Jones (@jonesjai), Creative Production Manager at Twelve South. We love Product Hunt, and were excited to find our products hunted by the Product Hunt community (thanks Moin for hunting our BaseLift!) When creating BaseLift, we thought about what our ideal portable stand would be for our own MacBooks. BaseLift is a minimal pad that attaches to the bottom of your MacBook, and folds to an angled stand for your Mac when at your desk. When folded, BaseLift elevates the screen of your MacBook and tilts the keyboard to an angle that’s perfect for typing (10 degrees). When flat, BaseLift also creates a lap pad that helps shield your legs from the radiating heat from your Mac. It’s one of those simple accessories we love that help enhance how you use your MacBook everyday. ⁃Jai
I don't get it. so it sticks on to make a thin laptop thinker but not so hot/cold? Also who props their computer up like that? I'm confused by this. I love my arc stand and get the use there. I must just not be hip anymore.
@paulprins First of all, happy to hear you love your BookArc! It was actually the first product we introduced back in 2009, and i've been a BookArc user too since then. With BaseLift, it's really one of those products you have to try to fully appreciate. BaseLift is only about 3mm thick, but when folded, the added screen height is nice to have when working at a desk without an external monitor. The tilt angle it gives your MacBook keyboard is similar to that of an Apple Wireless Keyboard, not too high, but still adds some comfort while typing for longer periods of time. Hope this is helps explain the idea behind BaseLift a little more!