Tweet Activity Dashboard

Real-time impressions & engagements of your Tweets

#4 Product of the DayJuly 11, 2014
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Excited to share this with the world today. Our blog post announcements is here:
@buster Thank you for sharing this. Glad to see native twitter analytics without reliance upon a third party service.
Brands and companies have been thirsting for more data and I've personally been interested in better understanding my Twitter reach and engagement. Here's a screenshot of my activity: Looking forward to exploring this further with regards to @ProductHunt -- Twitter is a HUGE acquisition and engagement channel for us. @buster - how are the impressions measured, particularly from those using third party apps? 90% of my use of Twitter is through the desktop Tweetdeck app.
@rrhoover Impressions are counted whenever a Tweet is seen (either logged in or logged out) on, or in our iPhone, iPad, or Android apps. It doesn't count places like embedded Tweets, or 3rd party apps.
Looks awesome, Buster. Excited to start playing with it.
@maxogles Thanks, Max!
My favorite part of this launch is actually the CSV export. It has over 15 different engagement types broken down, and a lot more Tweets than there used to be. I built a CSV export analyzer here to show how you can play around with it:
@buster nice! Is there an API to query this data too? I'm sure the Buffer folks are thirsting for this. :) cc @joelgascoigne @CaroKopp, @brian_lovin
@rrhoover Not at the moment. But Simply Measured did update their Twitter Report to work with the CSV... we're keeping our ears open on how to best share this new data with the ecosystem.
@rrhoover @buster yes indeed, it would be incredible to be able to provide these additional metrics & data to our users/customers. If I can ever help brainstorming there, I'd be delighted to chat. Awesome job on this @buster, it is looking super slick! :-)
@buster that deserves its *own* PH posts!
@thomasknoll Ha. I just built it in an hour. :)
@buster * Is Twitter api support analytics feature? * May i able to see analytics of another person's tweet? * May i able to see analytics of webpages? I mean, in my website, there is "tweet button". Am i able to see Twitter analytics for my website?
@ozguralaz There's no API support yet. You *can* share your data with others... in the top right nav bar, select "Edit access to this account" and add any other accounts. Other people can give you access the same way. The idea of making some of this data public is super interesting too. As for website analytics, check out the "Twitter Cards" tab on if you add a single meta tag to your website, we will track all kinds of things for you. More information here: (that was our previous project earlier this year)