Transform your tweetstorms to Medium posts

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Sounds like a cool product, but ya I found myself wanting to see how the process works first before linking my Medium account. Always use GIF, they work best! @djug
@nivo0o0 yeah I'd need details before I was willing to input my data too I do see that now their is an example post here
Nice use of the Medium API, @djug! cc @majelbstoat, @ktzhu, @kylehardgrave
I guess you need to validate your product by @Pmarca ;)
How about making posts from tweets in a day... A lot of people may not storm the feed, but tweet frequently throughout the day. The reason I am saying is I did it today and was looking for a similar feature to use ... Maybe a nice to have feature only (just sayin)
it sounds interesting, but sucks that the site wants you to enter your medium login info with zero details on the site. I would want links to example medium posts; or screenshots at the absolute minimum.
@_jacksmith I think you're right, I'll add few examples later I published this example with the app:
@djug @_jacksmith Do we get to pick and choose which series of tweets get converted into a post?