TW Fonts

A new vectorized font & icon library

If you like Font Awesome Icons, you'll like TW Fonts. I created TW Fonts because I needed certain icons not available with Font Awesome, and I just wanted to see how to make vector, font icons! So, if you use Font Awesome (or you don't) and there's an icon you'd like to be made into vector art, let me know!

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I rely on font awesome. I will definitely check this out.
@mickc79 me too! Consider this in-addition-to don’t awesome 😊
Great work @tylerewillis! I like the idea of having NBA icons. To me, this effort deserves to have its own domain name. ;)
@aparkhills Thanks for the kind words!! I’ve jumped the gun on other projects before ... encouraged by the upvotes so far though!
Hey hunters - thanks for the great response today! To show my thanks, I created a special holiday icons pack. Enjoy!
Cool icons @tylerwillis! Just one (hopefully) helpful correction - the word "except" is misspelled in the "Please do not use..." sentence :)
Oh gee, thanks @reeteshv ! I don't always do a good job of proofreading. Actually, I do a terrible job!!