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TV Time is a simple tool to help you keep track of the TV you're watching and find new shows to watch next.

  • Julien Chaumond
    Julien ChaumondCTO at Hugging Face

    TV Time is just the best TV show tracker app and the best community around TV shows. It keeps getting better and better.


    Nothing at all

    The app is also a good benchmark on how to build a really good UX on mobile, those guys rock.

    Julien Chaumond has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    really good and great community


    the ui is a little bit bad designed

    I advise everyone to try it

    Cosimo Chellini has used this product for one year.
Thanks for hunting our big new release of TV Time @julien_c This new release was a much-needed update (the last revamp was almost 3 years ago) that our team has been working on for nearly 9 months. It took us more time than expected (it always does amiright?), but we didn't want to deliver something half-baked to our 1M DAUs. So we talked with users, crunched data and played with 100s of internal builds to get here. Every screen was reworked with 3 main objectives: - Simplify: we got rid of some features, reworked the navigation, limited the places to track episodes, made text bigger, etc. - Improve Show Discovery: 12 billion episodes have been tracked on TV Time - with almost one billion being tracked every 2 months. This data gives us the opportunity to solve the discovery problem - with so much good TV, what should I actually watch? We're investing significant effort to improve our recommendation engine and by moving Discover to the bottom nav, we've exposured this feature as a primary value proposition of TV Time. - Increase Engagement: hundreds of thousands of people create memes and comment on the episodes they've watched on TV Time. In previous versions, you had to dig to find these episode feeds (many users didn't actually know it existed). In the new version, you simply scroll on the episode page to see comments (if you have marked it as watched obviously, as spoilers are our nemesis). There are still plenty of things to improve and this release is just the first step towards where we want to be, but now is the time to fix bugs and iterate fast! Would love to hear your feedback!
@toze Wow, congrats on the 1M DAUs, that's impressive! A couple of questions: - How does the usage on Android compare to the one on iOS right now? - Do you have a process to decide which features to get rid of? Are users consensual on which features you can kill?
@julien_c 1/ Android / iOS: right now it's 50/50 2/ no process but we use several inputs like: - how many users are using it (ratio on the WAU) and how often (ratio too) - how much does it clutter the core features – tracking / discovery - user survey answers: we tend to use surveys more and more as we can get answers pretty quickly 3/ it's definitely not consensual. We have a big group of passionated users that are a lot into the social component of the app and that are very loud about it even though 70% mostly use TV Time for the tracking and discovery features. So because we have segments of users that are very different on the app, we often hear complaints from one group or the other ("I don't care about social!" / "why did you remove the video reactions?")
@toze Hi! Does it sync with Trakt?
@niklaspivic666 not for the moment but we are thinking about it
@toze I've been using TV Time for as long as I can remember. Took me some time to persuade myself to pay for the Yearly plan to get special features. Extremely happy to see how big the community has grown. I'm a movie and tv buff myself and I'm happy to have found a community where I can share my post-review on shows with other avid viewers.
Been using this for years. Can't believe it's only on Product Hunt today.
@mickc79 Thanks for being a loyal user!
Great stuff!
When you thought you Netflix addiction couldn't get any worse xD
Congrats for the 1M DAU and compliments for the app guys! i've been using it for almost 3 years i guess! In the last year i have a problem to use it with the cellular network, it always popup an error when i open it. It works only in wi-fi.
@goreste thx 😃 Could you reach us out from the help menu of the app for your bug?