TV Forecast. The original TV show tracker for iOS. Keep track of your progress and what's up next. Explore your favorite shows and discover new ones. "It has a simple elegance that makes tracking shows feel effortless and natural." —John Vorhees, MacStories.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
Not necessarily as feature rich as other offerings in this category, but very well designed and thought out user experience, and nicely polished UI. This has definitely now become my favorite show tracker, and am looking forward to seeing this continue to mature with additional features.
I was lucky enough to be on TestFlight since the early betas for TV Forecast. By far the best looking and easiest to use tv tracking app out there. Loving the new updates.
Congrats on the launch Matt, looks super polished!
'Do a few things and do them right' is how I would sum it up. Been using it for the past month and a half, not as feature rich but UX is much much better v/s rest of the competition.
I love the app. It's definitely the best looking one of this kind for iPhone. And it delivers!