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Hey party people, I serve on the Developer Network over at Twilio and Tutorials is a new documentation format we're releasing today. With these annotated walkthroughs of example applications, we aimed to flip the script on the traditional docs format. Instead of code illustrating prose, we created an IDE-like experience that puts the code you're looking for front and center as the main character of the narrative. We have 17 use cases featuring over 100 sample applications in Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Java and C# - your feedback is warmly welcome.
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@dn0t thats really inspiring, definitely a great and battle-tested approach for all hackers (old & new). Thanks Rob!
This is epic. @dn0t for newbie/self-taught developer like myself, this is exactly what I need and wish there was more of. So many tutorials assume a base knowledge and understanding of programming that you just don't have when trying to learn this world on your own. Sometimes you just need to see all the pieces working together, and it will inevitably be the little things you do in these tutorials transitioning from one part of the code to the other that will make the difference, and prove to be the most invaluable part of this process. I was in love with Twilio the moment I discovered it, and now with tutorials like this, I can finally bring some of my creations to life. Way to go!
@thestemado Very kind of you to say Stephen - much more to come.
This is really cool! @dn0t what inspired Twilio to try this format?
@nayafia A whole lot of years watching developers consume documentation. Every time we'd watch a developer take a look at our docs, he/she would almost always barely skim the text, get to the first bit of code, and try to copy and paste it into an empty file. That persistent behavior across language groups and skill levels caused us to ask some hard questions about what was really important when looking at an example application. We hope what we've produced is another step in the getting developers the information they need faster. We wrote up a bit more on the philosophy behind the experience here: https://www.twilio.com/blog/2016... Would love to hear what you think Nadia.
Did yall user test this? How did it go?
@anderson760 Extensively - what you see represented here is the third full iteration of the original design. Those videos have been endlessly useful informing our work and full of a lot of unexpected insights. The biggest one I suspect is just how little prose any developer actually reads - every single time he/she just dives into the code.