Turtle is a new kind of anonymous communication app. Turtle is an app that lets you message people and remain anonymous for three days. This concept leads to more fun and genuine conversations.

Turtle 2.0 includes many new features and improvements such as:

-Instagram integration

-Location, age, and gender

-School pages

-Friend lists

-And more

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I like the branding and design. Downloading now. Anonymous apps have always been very tricky, often leading to bullying and abuse. How are you combatting this, @nicksarath and @donbytyqi?
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! You're right, most anonymous apps are very conducive to bullying and abuse, but Turtle takes an entirely different approach. Turtle's concept revolves around "temporary anonymity". Everyone is only anonymous for 3 days once the conversation is started. This idea mitigates bullying and abuse since everyone will be revealed after the countdown ends.
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@nicksarath I don’t quite get it. If people will be revealed anyhow, what’s the point of starting with anonymity? Then again I’m probably not part of the target market
@nickajulia Good question! My generation specifically has always used mediums such as Instagram Direct and Twitter DMs to start conversations with people. When using these platforms, there is an immediate wave of implicit bias/judgement towards the messenger based on factors such as appearance and follower count. With Turtle, there isn't that immediate wave of implicit bias or judgement. You are given a chance to win the other person over with your character instead of extraneous factors like follower count, appearance, and popularity status.
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@nicksarath good answer. That had never occurred to me.
@nicksarath got it! I downloaded the app but none of my friends are on yet. Someone message me at rrhoover. 😊🙏🏼
Hey @donbytyqi & @nicksarath This is a new take on it. What made you want to build this app?
@jacqvon We wanted an entirely new way to start conversations with people. Temporary anonymity is something that's never been done before. We were pretty motivated to be the first app to do it differently from other anonymous communication apps such as Yik Yak, Fox, Sarahah, Ask.fm, etc.
I've been a user for awhile and I'm super proud of the team for going the extra mile to make it even better!
@ios_javi Thanks for the support Javi!
@ios_javi Thank you!!

Tried it out and it seems dope. The design is pretty cool. I can definitely see this app taking off. The idea is really unique and it offers people more courage to message other people.


No judgement and less fear of instant rejection


Nothing yet


This app is truly beautiful and simple to follow and use. My school has adopted this app quickly and the response of my peers has been very positive and impressed.


Beautiful UI and UX

New Socoal Media Experience

New Approach to Conversations

Tons of Features



Thanks Andre!