Fast game with friends (also doubles as a drinking game)

Holy shit!? You actually made it!!!!!! Aren't you a sly turtle!? Just never happen to mention this side project in the 10+ hours a day we work together?? Nice work though, super fun and a great execution of the concept!
@designbyjai Aww, thanks man. Couldn't have done it without the massively talented, Mr Michael Henderson. :)
You sly dogs! Man, I need to find someone to play with. Looking forward to Friday arvo at work!
@naghavi Just played this. It's a lot of fun! Where did the idea for the game come from?
@jakecrump Aw, awesome. Thanks Jake! The idea was influenced by Sesame Street, the 80's and TMNT. Because you kind of need to be a ninja to play. Haha. 😉 But aside from that, anyone that knows me, knows that I love a good brain game – plus any opportunity to make it into a drinking game is a bonus. Haha. Have you played it with friends yet?
@naghavi @jakecrump Well, those are just the best influences ever haha. Agreed, any time I can combine games and drinking I'm happy. I haven't yet. I'm waiting on my wife to get home from work to play it with her!
@jakecrump Yesssssss. All hail drinking games. ;)
This makes me think of a high-tech app version of a Bop It (can you tell I'm a 90s kid? 🙊)
@katesegrin 90's kids rule! 😎