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My first thought is why? Is there a need to match music (vinyl) to my coffee experience?
@themelamini Why not? It's not a 'need' -- it's an enjoyable experience.
@kfleisher fair enough! Out of interest, what brought you to make this product? Were you trying to solve a "pain" you had? I really am interested to know how your baby was born and how it developed!
@themelamini Hi Melanie, I appreciate your interest and the discourse! I don't want to call this my baby -- I have 3 real human babies and I don't consider products babies :) That said, I don't think every product is made to solve a 'need' -- some are made to satisfy an experience you believe people will enjoy. In our case, drinking coffee and listening to vinyl records in our living room, particularly on morning and weekend afternoons, is something we've always enjoyed. It's an extension of our food and music subscription which has been around for years and been a great success.
@kfleisher Glad to hear you don't need to feed this too! ;) I totally get ya, regarding the need vs want. I have a collection called "need/want" so i get ya! Jokes aside. I really do understand the idea of creating something because you simply enjoyed the experience yourself, was just wondering if you think others would do too. It is a lovely idea, i have to say. I've never actively listen to a vinyl but i know what they are but since i'm a millennial, i'm now a digital music kinda gal (much to the despair of my music producing family members) but all in all i love Coffee and i adore how music makes me feel so good luck!