The best remote pair programming experience on macOS

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 15, 2020
After Screenhero was acquired, we were sure someone would come along to make a tool specifically for pair programming.
But four years later, it still felt like no one had really nailed it.
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21 Reviews5.0/5
I've been using Tuple every day months while pair-programming with a coworker in South Korea. The lag is practically zero, the audio is great, and the user experience is seamless. Every time I've emailed the founders regarding an issue or a suggestion, I hear back from them quickly, and often the fix or feature is in an update within a week or so. They are a crazy-amazing team building a practically-perfect product. Forget about Zoom, Slack, etc. If you liked Screenhero, you are going to *love* Tuple. It is definitely worth the investment of supporting a team making a tool which makes screen-sharing enjoyable again.
@conroywhitney Thanks so much Conroy :)
I've been following along with the story of Tuple for over a year now via The Art of Product Podcast (https://artofproductpodcast.com/). It's awesome getting a deep dive on feature development, marketing decisions, and sales moves. Even if you don't use this product, hearing how it's made is compelling.
@twnsndco Oh yeah! I should totally be plugging AoP too. Thanks for that :)
Hi all! Always trying to improve our marketing site, so I'd love to hear what doubts or concerns you had while reading it.
We use this across Shopify for remote Pair Programming. The teams ❤️ it
My mostly remote team has been using Tuple since the private beta days. They really nailed the experience: zero friction to set up pairing sessions, very low latency, and just enough UI to get work done. It's actually better than pairing in person I think.