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Tunnello is a simple but powerful VPN available worldwide available on Android and Google Chrome. In our App we offer different modes of connection depending on your need: Normal, Speed and Privacy Mode. Privacy Mode will help you bypass any censorship or network restriction, like in China.

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Tunnello VPN is now available on Android. This is a highly optimized VPN technology with significant modifications to provide the best speed and security worldwide. Tunnello is an affordable, simple, & reliable premium VPN. We offer 7-day free trial, credit card required but nothing is charged before the end of the trial and you can cancel anytime. Tunnello VPN was created two years ago by three friends, John, Hugo & Clement. After the first year of beta testing and a great success on ProductHunt, we decided to move to a next level and start developing Tunnello on other platforms. We are pleased, to introduce Tunnello now available on Android. This Android App creates a VPN connection based on your needs to let you choose between the best speed and security all over the world. We added three different modes depending on your needs: - Normal Settings: This mode is a mix of speed and security. All your data are encrypted with the 256-bit AES encryption algorithm over an RSA-4096 bit certificate for key exchange. - Speed Priority: This mode compresses your data and multiplies the number of canals that send/receive the data. You still get the same military-grade encryption rate. - Privacy Priority: This mode add another layer of protection to make your connection undetectable. This mode should be used under oppressive government against freedom of speech to block DPI (deep packet inspection). For people who are new to Tunnello VPN, you can first get a 7-day free trial to test our service. The business model is different from the Chrome extension. We do not offer free data but a 7-day free trial. We required a credit card, however, nothing is charge before the end of the trial. We are moving out of the freemium business model to provide the best service, quality and develop Tunnello faster. We offer 14+ countries and plan to add a bunch of others in the close future. We also have many plans for this App such as a kill-switch, new VPN protocol resistant to highly sophisticated censorship’s firewalls. Also, we are working on the Windows & Mac version. Hopefully, it will be released in the coming months, stay tuned! Other information: Tunnello is 100% self-funded by our investment and the premiums members. We don't resell the data; we don't show ads; we didn't raise any money.
I'm no Android user, but the Tunnello VPN service is pretty great. Not the best, feature and app-wise, but the speed is excellent. Hope the Mac version and the kill-switch will be here soon.
@t55 Thank you. It's in the plan !!! Windows, Mac are coming
Great product + great team!
@darrenux Thank you 😉

I definitely recommend trying :)


Real fast. Very easy to use. Works perfectly for me.


Looking for the Windows version.

Very fast and also simple to use! Also there is no advertising.