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Carol Glennon
Carol GlennonMaker@carolglennon
Saves a ton of time when you have several apps to research at once. They put the screenshots of every possible interaction the app has in a Dropbox and even incl. .mov of a live walkthrough of the app if desired. Websites can be done also.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@carolglennon wow, I actually outsourced this to someone on oDesk a while ago when I was compiling screenshots of mobile games. Have you used this yourself? Curious if you can share the results. They should include some on the site so it's more clear what you're getting (and legitimate).
Carol Glennon
Carol GlennonMaker@carolglennon
@rrhoover Yes, I have and it was awesome, very fast and super easy. I got a Dropbox link that had each screen in it, all numbered and I got .mov of a screenshare with the person using the app. You can pick if you want desktop/mobile and screenshots and mov or just screenshots too. The biggest thing is that you can get folks that are based in the country you need. I needed U.S. specifically or the app wouldn't have worked. That was cool.
Greg Barbosa
Greg Barbosa@deleted-38128 · Founder, Prayer Hands Apparel
This sounds and looks like a great idea, and all I want to do is become a Tunneler now. Anyone have any idea how?
Carol Glennon
Carol GlennonMaker@carolglennon
@gregbarbosa Thanks Greg! Drop an email to dig at tunnelmob dot com and we can add you to the Tunneler wait-list! There are lots of bounties coming up in the next few days so it's great timing for you.