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There aren't many podcast-only apps with a social first focus and Tung is one of those apps. It aggregates social proof around specific episodes, kind of like Nuzzel does for articles, and allows you to recommend, clip, and talk about specific episodes with other people. There's a lot of untapped potential in the podcast space and I'm excited to see what's in store for Tung. I also really like the fun colors and feel. Thanks for making this Jamie (@inorganik)!
@alexcartaz @inorganik Alex, this seems to go right to the social aspect that many podcast apps have been missing, as per our convo a couple months ago. It looks like it's fairly easy to navigate, so my hope is that it takes on a Nuzzel-like dynamic and makes it easy not only to share and see other people's preferred podcasts, but also organize the ones I've been trying to keep up with. Intrigued to see just how smooth this will make my podcast consumption. :)
@alexcartaz Thank you Alex!
Looking forward to giving this a try. There have been a few other apps focused on making podcasts social and while I believe there's a strong opportunity here, it's super hard with this format. Curious to hear the backstory on this, @inorganik.
@rrhoover I have been dreaming of this day :) super stoked to be on PH! I've always felt a big issue with podcasts is how hard they are to discover. Algorithms are generally bad at recommending content. Your peers always give you the most reliable recommendations. With clip sharing, people can get a taste without having to devote an hour to a podcast. Or you can share that "did he just say that?!" moment with your friends, and optionally to Twitter and FB, because Tung is super geared towards sharing content. Also, so many times before Tung I've wanted to chime in on a podcast. Tung aims to be the forum for discussions around a podcast. Comments are timestamped and @mentions are supported as well. And the player itself is more interactive - many podcasters include web-ready content in their episode descriptions and Tung supports that. So pictures, links, etc are all supported. The next phase of Tung is all about podcasters. Lots of features in the works designed to support them. Plus I am trying to build the same experience for the web as you get in the app. Android support is also high on the list; the only thing holding it back is lack of resources. In general I built Tung to be the podcast player of my dreams. It's my passion project, and I sincerely hope it will help you discover amazing podcasts, and be enjoyed by all.
I really love this player. It's been awesome to be able to see my activity when I want to share something long after I listened to it. It's great to get other perspectives on a podcast I have listened to. The best thing, and the reason I started using it is sharing audio clips. In the feed I have discovered new podcasts that I might not have found otherwise. I'm excited to see what all the new users are listening to!
This looks like the podcast app I didn't know I needed. The social aspect is actually done right with this app. I realize it's very hard to do with podcasts. Going to try this out for a while, and see how it stacks up against Pocket Casts. Really hope to see this project grow. Also would be glad to help contributing to this project in any way if that's possible.
Super impressive for a one person team! When I was trying it out, I was disappointed with the lack of a queue (maybe it's there and I missed it?). Would love to be able to browse the feed to see what people are listening to, then add to a queue so that I can listen later. Keep up the good work!
@kaz Thanks! Yea a queue is in the works.