Unlimited royalty free music for videos & commercial use

Download unlimited royalty free music and sound effects from $8.25/mon. Use in any project, including commercial and freelance. New music added daily. Get 1 free month with a new subscription.

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Both Artlist and Soundstripe nailed this subscription music concept already. What makes this different?
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@chuckmeister9 That's a tough question to answer :) Actually, as a collective, we've been around for quite a few years. I also maintain the previous version of this project (www.safemusiclist.com) where we still sell one-off licenses. With TunePocket, so far, we've preferred growing organically with the minimum advertisement budget but maybe it's time to become a bit more aggressive about spreading the word. I guess coming here to ProductHunt was the first step. It's hard for me to do a side-by-side comparison with the sites you mentioned. I know of them, but I can't say I know every intricate detail and I may be biased. However, just because we're using the similar business model does not automatically make us their clone. For starters, we do have a different catalog produced by different artists. Historically, we focused on music for promotional media, though we're growing our selection of cinematic music, as well as modern electronica, like chillhop. Some of our member composers focus on game soundtracks and loops, some on short cues for After Effects templates and vlog intros, and we've just started the SFX section (granted it's still small but give it some time). I'm not implying we're better but I'm saying we're unique enough. Come take a look! If you feel there is something we can do to improve the catalog or the service, I'd love to hear it! We appreciate all feedback.
@chuckmeister9 It's been 2 years since I had initially answered your question. We didn't fold :) and that's a good thing lol. The library grew from measly 500 items to 5000+ music tracks, sound effects, loops, intros, and stings. We've learned a lot about the industry and our place in it. I'd like to take another go at your question. There are certainly similar subscription services with much larger catalogs, so one might ask, why use TunePocket at all? Does it bring something new to the table? How can it help videographers, video freelancers, and filmmakers? I can think of 3 good reasons to use TunePocket – price, flexibility, and wide license. TunePocket offers most affordable royalty free music subscription among similar services. This may not be all that important for an established videogrpaher but what if you just starting or have a small budget? At $8.25/month (with commercial use included!) that’s already a good offer. Use the free month promotion (http://bit.ly/tunepocket-1-free-...) and make it even better – $7.50/month. Larger organizations can also benefit from Corporate multi-user subscriptions. With multi-user subscription you can set up a master account and then create independent accounts for all members of your video production team. One of TunePocket’s strong points is that it lets you choose between the subscription and on demand licensing. Making lots of videos? Then it makes perfect sense to purchase the subscription and enjoy unlimited access to all music and sound effects. Need just a couple of tracks and effects for a project? Use pay-as-you-go membership and license up to 5 tracks at a time with no recurring subscription fees. The license covers a wide range of typical online AND offline uses, including personal, hobby, wedding, and family videos, YouTube vlogs (incl. monetized), promotional, corporate, and training videos, presentations, slideshows, film, documentary, show, animation, podcast, audio book, game, software application, and so on. You get an official licensing certificate with every download. Hope this answers your question!
@mseliver This is really cool! What prompted you to make this?
@jakecrump Great question! I have two passions - music and technology. This project started few years back (under a different name) as a simple outlet for licensing out my own music. I just felt increasingly limited with the creative and marketing options available through other licensing platforms. As the project gained traction, other composers started approaching me and asking to join. Little by little the community grew and TunePocket was born!
Thanks again for your support and upvotes! Here's a couple of promotion codes to get you started. These are ProductHunt exclusive offers available for the next 100 subscribers Use code PRODUCTHUNT10 to save $10 on the new Personal subscription Use code PRODUCTHUNT25 to save $25 on the new Business subscription If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
Great job !! Is there any downloading or purchasing fee involved?
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush! Yes, we charge an annual fee that gives you unlimited access to our entire catalog of music, loops, and sound effects (the sxf section is still in its infancy but growing).
Wow! Thanks for all the upvotes guys! Means a lot to me!