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Alex Manthei@xoalexo · Product Designer at Trainline
Love the description: "What does the official Tumblr app do? Two things. Two fascinating things. 1. It goes to Tumblr and only to Tumblr. You can even make it full screen, so that your computer displays 0% non-Tumblr content. 2. It lets you post to Tumblr from almost anywhere on your Mac. If a window has a share button, you can share things from that window to Tumblr. That’s it!"
Matthew BischoffMaker@mb · iOS at Lickability
@xoalexo Glad you liked it. Our Creative team at Tumblr is amazing, and they make us look good.
Abhi Chirimar@abhic · Always Building
@mb Been waiting for this forever! Can you talk a bit more about the wrapper you guys are using? node-webkit?
Matthew BischoffMaker@mb · iOS at Lickability
@abhic @mb We’re using Apple’s WebView (https://developer.apple.com/libr...) at the moment because WKWebView had some issues that we have reported to the WebKit team.
Abhi Chirimar@abhic · Always Building
@mb Ah ok. Thanks for that. We are about to release our native apps and we got iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Windows Phone & Windows 8 working. Just haven't been able to nail down the best one to go with for OSX.
Alex Manthei@xoalexo · Product Designer at Trainline
@mb After our own Creative Shop at Mention, you guys are by far and away my favorites. Tumblr is a fantastic community and your iOS app is particularly great, as you can see, I'm a big fan: https://twitter.com/xoalexo/stat...
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm a long-time tumblr fan and use it on my blog (ryanhoover.me). Favorite tumblr blogs? GO!
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréPro@nikkielizdemere · SaaS Consultant & Community Growth
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
@rrhoover I really super duper dig The Lofty Pickle http://theloftypickle.tumblr.com
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@ryanlawler wrote a related piece about the rise of desktop productivity apps and I'm seeing more companies build for the Mac to compliment their mobile and web platforms. Don't take this the wrong way but what's the thinking behind building a mac app that's basically just a web-view to tumblr.com, @mb?
Matthew BischoffMaker@mb · iOS at Lickability
@rrhoover We wanted to take the technology we had built in our iOS Share Extension for iOS 8 and bring it to the Mac, allowing for creators to make posts to Tumblr with ease, no matter where they are and no matter what the device. The rest of the Mac app is a great bonus for users who want to keep Tumblr in their dock or fullscreen on the MacBook.
Thomas K. Running@tkrunning · Nomad, Teleport
So I cannot use this to write posts offline? I get that the share functionality can be useful to some, but without offline mode I'll personally continue using tumblr.com
Raffaele Gaito@duplikey · Digital Entrepreneur & Blogger
Is it just a webview or a native app?