Tumblr 4.0 (iOS)

You’ll probably never be bored again.

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let's be real. tumblr is the raddest social network in the room.
@micahkulish Thanks a lot! Obviously we agree. So totally rad.
Hey Product Hunters, thanks so much for your support on this big release. A large part of the team is here and happy to answer questions about the app. 🍻
@mb It is an excellent update. I love the new icon! I have a "feature" request for the eventual future: accessing your drafts on the mobile app is currently pretty difficult! It'd be awesome (I think) if you could access them when in the "new post" menu. Maybe a Drafts button above the "Nevermind"? Thanks for your work!
I don't really see any major differences compared to the previous version. The app seems to be more reactive and I like what is being done on the search engine. In my opinion, the iOS app is way more practical than the desktop version when it comes to reblog stuff, since you can quickly tap on your screen. That being said, I find it pretty strange that the app kind of force me to write something under the blog post I want to reblog. It's specially annoying when I want to tap on the wheel to queue the post but that I end up taping the publish button... Except this little detail, the app is just awesome! Congrats guys!
LOTS of updates in this release. Nice work @mb and team. You've added a lot of additional creation functionality in this version. How did you decide what to prioritize and change in this release?
@mb @rrhoover I think we provide a pretty good consumption experience on iOS (obviously lots of room for improvement, specifically when it comes to performance), but still have an absolute metric ton to do when it comes to creation. Our mobile apps are still lacking behind our website when it comes to authoring posts; hopefully this is just the start of work on our end throughout the year to enable better mobile content creation.
@mb I love Tumblr to pieces and I love what you all have done with the iOS app over the last couple of years. It's fantastic, easily the best way to blog on a mobile device. I wish the icon were a little different though. Indicating depth and tilt on the left side of the ‘t’ without tilting the right side of the ‘t’ downward doesn't look right at all, and putting a drop shadow onto that only highlights it even more!