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#5 Product of the WeekJuly 07, 2015

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    Weird verification process

    I was told that I didn't pass the verification after I put all my info in and card information and was denied and FREE TRIAL!! What kind of company does that? Then they said I would need to pay for my subscription. There are no reviews on this company nor do I feel comfortable paying for service.

    Diamond Riley has never used this product.
  • Nadezhda Kos
    Nadezhda KosMarketing Manager, Sarafan Tech

    useful both for retailer and user


    can`t find

    Nice job, makers! It`s really usefull. I have petite size so it`s very difficult to select right clothes. I would be happy to try :)

    Nadezhda Kos has used this product for one day.
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AnkushMakerHiring@4nkush · CEO,
People keep telling us that we're crazy. That it simply can't be done. That this is just how ecommerce works. But we don't want to live in a world where we're not in control of what we spend our money on, and that's why we had to build We're tired of finding out that it doesn't quite fit right. That the fabric is itchy. That we have to wait 14-days for a refund. We built for the rulebreakers. The girls and guys who take risks. They embrace life. They say 'yes'. They say 'why not'. They say 'I'll Try it'. is invite-only, and we're excited to open our first ever batch of invites to Product Hunters today! We hope there's more of you who share our vision to fix online shopping, and we want to hear your thoughts here in the comments.
Mathieu Gosselin
Mathieu Gosselin@matgosselin · Mad Captain
@4nkush wish you guys were in UK! And would work with shoes as well. I'd definitely give it a try if you do.
AnkushMakerHiring@4nkush · CEO,
@matgosselin @4nkush Thanks Mathieu -- not in the UK yet, but does work with shoes and accessories as well as clothing! Basically anything that is sold on the supported sites that can be returned.
@4nkush would love to chat, drop me a note at drew@techcrunch
AnkushMakerHiring@4nkush · CEO,
@drew @4nkush Cheers drew, will do 👍
Ellie Wheeler
Ellie Wheeler@ellie · Partner, Greycroft Partners
@4nkush What a great concept - I would love to learn more and also intro you to a company that would be a complimentary & diversifying fit as a retail partner -- ellie at greycroft
Kelsey Whelan
Kelsey Whelan@kelseymwhelan · product @netflix
My goodness this is going to be dangerous. Just tried my first item. 😍 A lot of these retailers already make returns p easy, but psychologically it feels like much less of a commitment when I'm just 'trying' something. Nice work!
AnkushMakerHiring@4nkush · CEO,
@kelseymwhelan You nailed it, Kelsey! The psychology of being able to Try for Free without any risk or commitment is something that's intangible and hard to explain, but once you use it you get it. Thanks for the feedback!
ArushMakerHiring@arush · Co-founder,
@kelseymwhelan Kelsey - great to hear. Retailers are getting more savvy about returns, so are companies like Shyp and Uber. We're betting big that annoying returns are going to be solved soon, making the market to Try even more appealing for the general public
𝔏aurent 𝔇el ℜey
𝔏aurent 𝔇el ℜey@ldesserrey · Product Design at @Snap
Cool product. Congrats on the launch. Just curious, how did u get the domain name? :)
AnkushMakerHiring@4nkush · CEO,
@ldesserrey Thanks Laurent! It took us a long time and a lot of hustle to get It helps that our team doesn't take 'No' for an answer 😉
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell@dnlrussell · Founder, Attentiv
@4nkush What a great get! Domain name sales can be a real pain so I'm sure it wasn't easy.
AnkushMakerHiring@4nkush · CEO,
@dnlrussell @ldesserrey absolutely, but worth the hard work in the end, Daniel!
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@4nkush @ldesserrey Could you go into more depth? This is the perfect community where we'd appreciate learning about who you are and the technicals of how you were able to pull this off 🚀
ArushMakerHiring@arush · Co-founder,
@thetylerhayes @ldesserrey Hey Tyler! We totally get it, and I promise you we will share the story someday, it's a good one ;) We'll dedicate a proper blog post to it. Thanks so much for your interest, we really appreciate it.
Nebo Radovic
Nebo Radovic@eniac · Marketing, Machine Zone
Love the product, used it a while ago and got the most awesome shirts I have. The guys are quite knowledgeable and love what are they doing, which makes this service the go-to spot if you are too lazy/busy to do shopping. Easy and super convenient.
AnkushMakerHiring@4nkush · CEO,
@eniac Thanks Nebojsa! Appreciate the support and custom, keep coming back for more 😁
Benjamin Wheeler
Benjamin Wheeler@benjamin_wheeler · Teaching and making tech. Indie hacker.
@eniac What are the shirts?
Dan Polaske
Dan Polaske@dpolaske · Operations at Sprig
Looks great guys! Excited to give it a whirl. Tried a similar service when Shop It To Me was doing this. UX comment: I would guess some users would get discouraged from entering their address as the first interaction with the site. It feels like this step should happen once more value is conveyed and it is a bit more clear how the whole process works.
AnkushMakerHiring@4nkush · CEO,
@dpolaske Cheers Dan - look forward to more feedback when you get your first batch of Tries. Re: onboarding flow - you're absolutely right, next update does exactly what you mention 👏
Liora@liora_ · Product Manager in Silicon Beach
@dpolaske Absolutely. I'm signing up now and definitely discouraged by you asking for my address - I've barely even seen a value prop yet!
ArushMakerHiring@arush · Co-founder,
@liora_ @dpolaske Thanks Liora, feedback noted! Hope you enjoy the service