Turning travelers into travel agents

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TRVL is turning people into travel agents the way Airbnb is turning people into hosts and Uber is turning people into drivers. The idea is really simple: when you’re booking a trip online, regular travel agents are nowhere to be found. This forces you to act as your own travel agent. If you’re doing the work, you’re also entitled to the commission. This could be as much as 10%. Second, by empowering travelers to act as travel agents, TRVL will become the place to shop for personalized travel recommendations. But we are not there yet! This is what you can do with TRVL today: • Book trips for yourself and the people you’re traveling with, and earn a commission • Recommend, and share trips with others, and earn a commission when they make a booking • Run your own customizable travel booking website and earn on every booking By the way, to run your own travel booking website (how awesome is that?) you first have to claim your name. Please go to and check for yourself! I would love to hear your feedback and I am here to answer any question you might have.
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@jochemwijnands I can see only hotels booking so far, or staying in a hotel is the only thing you do in a trip? :)
@mnmldr Hi Nikita, thanks for checking our platform! You are right of course, a trip is more than a hotel! We are starting with 1.4 million hotels, homestays and vacation rentals but we'll soon add activities, tours, car rentals, airport transfers, etc. Having said that, we think the place you decide to stay (neighborhood and hotel) is always going to be the most important decision regarding your trip (compared to your flight, your rental car, the restaurant reservation, etc).
@jochemwijnands This is really cool, and I look forward to seeing how it evolves over time. Give me a shout if you ever want to talk about SEO, travel is such a big market for organic search!
I've wanted something like TRVL to exist for over a decade. Working in the industry, it's so hard to see good recommendations happening on Facebook, via email, etc, and the people who make those recommendations not getting any credit for their expertise. Meanwhile, professional travel agents are almost gone, and for good reason - if you need to make a living, you don't typically recommend the best places, but the ones that give you the greatest commission. This is a great platform for the casual traveler to get personal recommendations and I'd love to see it widely adopted.
@gillianim thank you Gillian, for your support and kind words. We're very happy with your feedback, especially since you are running a travel company yourself.
We just interviewed Jochem on our webshow. Great entrepreneur, great concept!
@erwblo it was great being in your show tonight, thanks for your support!
Awesome project @jochemwijnands! Good luck with your launch 🍀
@0x1ad2 Thanks Dennis!