Private spaces to collect and distribute digital content

Hey everyone, co-creator of Trunk here. Thanks for all the votes so far! We were stitching together a wedding video for a friend, and realized how troublesome it was to collect disparate bits of digital content from a bunch of people. Existing products are optimized for syncing or sharing, and usually require you to already have an account. So we created Trunk, and it had to be simple - not even a sign up flow made the cut. As you can tell, this is our MVP. There are a couple of directions we'd love to take Trunk, but at the moment, we just want to hear your honest, brutal feedback. Thanks a lot!
Hi, the other co-creator here. Excited to get some feedback, don't hold back! Thanks :)
If users will sharing illegal content, what u have to do?
@alexvinogradov4 Good question, it comes up pretty often. Transferring files that • feature child pornography; • promote racism, violence or hatred; • are false or misleading; • You don’t have the right to copy and/or transfer; • infringe on intellectual property rights; • violates privacy rights, including data protection rights; • infringe on or violate any applicable law or regulation. are specifically against our terms. You can read more at We simply aren't aiming for that demographic. We are DMCA compliant and if we know of any Trunks that violate our terms, we will remove it.
@zaizhuang @derrickko Neat stuff guys, couple questions: 1) Have you guys thought about creating a chrome/browser extension for this? Seems that would be most intuitive, i.e. generating and sharing unique links. The recieving party could be notified of all the content shared and download a zip? 2) Its good to see you guys are handling DMCA issues, curious to know how you guys plan to track all the shared content if it gets wildly popular.
@raj_ventures Awesome thoughts. 1) Short answer: no we haven't thought about doing browser extension yet, at least not for this MVP. The reason is that Trunk is about optimizing the collection of files (eg. for a wedding video) and a web application (not extension) allows anyone with *any* browser to upload/download files. Although I can imagine that one day down the line we will have an API that allows any developer to create a browser extension for Trunk :). 2) Not sure what you mean by "track all the shared content". Care to elaborate?
@zaizhuang @raj_ventures Ah awesome, good point. As for 'track all the shared content' - what I mean to say is - If users share a common link with each other to upload content to, what stops them from uploading and distributing illegal content and sharing it. Is there a team that overlooks what content is being shared i.e. large movie files, mp3 tracks, etc.)?
@raj_ventures I hate to say this but I can't give you an answer now as this is still in the basic MVP stage. Hopefully I'll be able to do so soon!