Postcards to the President

Trumpet is the new face of political activism. We make it easy for every day citizens –– from at-home activists to the marchers in the streets –– to get their message to Washington. Use Trumpet to write a message to the President, and we'll make it a postcard and drop it in the mail. It's straight from your iPhone to the White House mailroom.

Hey @jacobrharris, Have you seen any real action from these postcards being sent out to the White House?
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Hi, @jacqvon. Trumpet is brand new and the first postcards are just arriving at the White House. Our mission is to get people engaged and communicating with our President on the issues that matter most.
@jacobrharris that's a very Trump like way of saying "No" ;) cc @jacqvon
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Just sent one. Very quick interface. I might put the cost up front somewhere before people download the app.
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Hey, @nerdybff. Thanks for using Trumpet! I'm making note of that idea. Much appreciated.
So where are the positive approval pictures. I happen to approve of President Trump. I would never send a tattered flag thanking him for his service to the country.
Nice idea. Wondering how pricing works ?
Great! I can use this to send positive feedback to president Trump as well correct?