A stock-trading bot powered by Trump tweets

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This is pretty wild, trading stocks when Trump mentions a public company. It's also open source. I know @howardlindzon will appreciate this.
@rrhoover @howardlindzon Max Braun is super talented and this is just another great open source project from him👌🏻 Thanks again for sharing this, Ryan ☺️
This is amazing. Gonna fork it and implement Robinhood trading.
@nemrow Keep us posted if you do!
Interesting idea especially looking at today's Nordstrom Tweet. If the bot bought right after Tweet ($42.50/share) you'd be up almost $1.80/share as of 2:55pm EST.
@scottcents Great example! Simply tracking these changes is super interesting — I think I'm going to deploy this bot over the weekend and paper trade to track variation.
LOL, all the more reason the SEC should shut down Trump's Twitter account.
This is great