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That's awesome! We should track all politicians like this.
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@jason_weingardt @doutatsu How far back does your research or database go? (Can we look at Obama's or Bush's or Clinton's record vis-a-vis their own campaign promises?) Awesome work!
@doutatsu With IssueVoter.org (@issuevoter) you can get alerts before congress votes, send your opinion to your rep with one click, and get a scorecard of your rep’s voting record so you can keep them accountable! We launched last week and are sending opinions on real legislation to reps' offices (vs. petitions or the many social polling apps, for example).
@doutatsu is this still being updated?
There's one for Trudeau as well: https://www.trudeaumetre.ca
For every promise you should put a link to a video or webpage where he said it
@james_osullivan I think he has done enough, should have crowdsourcing option to submit the relevant link
@juhslk @james_osullivan there is a button on the top right to submit a new policy/ send me an update of an existing policy. But I would definitely like to keep maintaining this!
This would be all over the morning shows if it had a .com domain. Well done!
@frantzlight any recommendations haha? .com and .org is already taken
@virenmohindra Grab http://promisetrack.com and turn it into a platform
@frantzlight What does it have such a big impact to have .com vs .org ?
Yay! I was looking for something like this and actually thinking about contacting the makers of Trudeau Metre about it. Nice to see that it's been done.