Trump's "Smart" Tax Calculator

Calculate your taxes as if you paid the same as Trump

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I thought hillary was going to do my taxes for me ;(
Dumb, plain dumb. If they are going to poke fun, then they should actually make it work. Not make the button "pretend" to be doing something, then no matter what you enter, show $0.00
@virelli umm, Tony, that's actually the point. There is suspicion and reason to believe that for 18 years, Trump paid $0 in federal income taxes. So if the app Gabe an amount other than $0, it would no longer male sense.
The geekiest of sick burns from the Hillary camp.
Funny little site from HRC campaign: We’ve developed a formula to calculate how much you would pay in taxes if you paid the same as Donald Trump.
0? That'd be great, since I'm not really interested in helping to finance wars I don't believe in and that I didn't vote for. It'd also be great to get rid of all these political hunts from Product Hunt.