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Hey everyone, I'm Artem, the founder of Trullo. Huge thanks to Chris for sharing our app here! We're excited to introduce our iPhone app, which we built to help you share, discuss, and discover things we love. I've found that we best connect with each other over things we watch, read, or own, and have created a place for us to get to know each other better through these shared experiences. Shout out to Dave Klein and Kanav Arora, the team working on the app with me. Let us know if you have any questions. Your feedback is appreciated! For more detail on what got us started with Trullo, check out our Medium post:
how is this different from what getglue used to offer?
@vicsingh Appreciate the question, Vic. Our main goal is to bring people together over the various experiences of everyday life - TV, movies, books, and things we own. We noticed lots of social interactions contain the element of comparing notes and spreading knowledge. Trullo is a place to share these experiences and opinions, yours and your friends', with beautiful images in a stream of updates (feed) and search. We think of particular categories (such as a TV show) as less important than the connections people form in Trullo. Personally, I find almost everything my friends post interesting. We plan to expand into other categories as well, including places.
Very slick/performant. Are you guys using any particular iOS frameworks for the UI, or did you write most of it by hand?
Thanks @hariananth ! Most of it was written by hand and we relied on standard built-in iOS libraries for animations/transitions. Though, there were a few places where we used the Facebook POP library. If you haven’t checked it out, I would recommend it, just because of how very simple it is to use and set up.
@kanavarora very cool. have heard of pop but haven't used it yet... will check it out. thanks!
What has been the most popular category that people share on Trullo? Also, did anything surprise you about how early testers used the product?
@jongilman Thank you for the question, Jon. The most popular category thus far has been movies, I presume for two reasons: higher consumption frequency and significantly higher overlap between people. The overlap plays a role as items propagate through the network; people can easily review the movies they have seen that their friends already reviewed. Books are not too far behind. We had our share of surprises along the way, two come to mind: 1) Connecting email to Trullo turned out not to be as big of an ask as we had thought. People who work in tech, like you and I, often avoid these integrations, but from our beta testers, this has shown to be a convenient feature. 2) We thought people would be interested in movies and books, and were surprised to see purchases as the #1 requested category in surveys (though purchases worth talking about are still rarer and harder to search for). Also, there's a marked divide between genders on what they said they would like to see in Trullo - to the extent that looking at data without breaking it up by gender is quite misleading. Women placed household items and clothing on top, while men's top choice is electronics, with household items at the last (!) place.
@aboytsov cool stuff! Congrats on the launch and excited to see where you all take this!
@jongilman Thank you Jon!
There seems to be very different approaches out there for dealing with movies, music, books, products etc. How did you go about coming up with a unifying UX?
@rezaraji Hey Reza. Unifying movies, books and products into one experience was a significant challenge for the Trullo team given each category has copious unique attributes. To address this complexity and potential information overload we designed an interface that focuses on combining a single image for the item, an avatar, and a quick review into a card. If you want to learn more about the item (actors, authors, prices, etc.) you can tap on the IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Google Books, or Amazon button. We believe this framework will allow us to continue adding categories in the future. Let us know what you think about the app!