HIPAA compliant data store. Secure API to store health data

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Hi Product Hunt! I'm Trey, one of the founders of TrueVault. Happy to answer any questions that you may have. We are extremely pleased to announce the rollout of a new search feature. You can now search any JSON document and binary file in TrueVault with our Search API. Search by any field, filter by any field, and sort by any field. Have your application call our Search API directly to quickly add a search interface to your application. -Perform numeric, date/time, text, and boolean queries on any field. -New and updated documents are instantly searchable. -Only index documents and fields that you choose. -Search binary files stored in TrueVault via attached metadata. Why is search such a big deal? Great question! In order to be HIPAA compliant most people encrypt their database, but you can’t search encrypted data. So the app suffers. TrueVault has figured out a way to protect your data at HIPAA-security levels, and still allow you to query that data. Huzzah! Documentation on Search can be found here.
Wow the market really needs this. We interact with so many customers that are trying to solve HIPAA Compliance.
Thanks @hackerpreneur! I agree with you. Regulation puts an undo burden on programmers who want to create new ways of doing things. Startups are designed to grow fast by creating new technology, and compliance introduces friction that slows this process. The healthcare experience is ripe for improvement; we need programmers to build what’s missing. Our mission, and the reason that we built TrueVault, is to unburden startups of time consuming, process stalling HIPAA compliance so that they can focus on improving our health experience.
These guys don't even put any price on their pricing page. If you want transparency, go elsewhere?