Truepush is a free forever push notifications tool for both web and mobile.

Rich features include RSS-to-Push, Audience Segmentation, Triggers, Templates, and APIs.

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This looks great! How is it free??
@chrisgscott Hello Chris, We are advertisers and we use cookie data to make our engine efficient. Hence, we're free.
@ravi_vaka But you don’t place ads within our push notifications?
@chrisgscott No, We would not !
@chrisgscott @ravi_vaka What's in it for you then?
@chrisgscott @ravi_vaka @muglikar we already put it on our landing page about it in the faq's, please visit for same. But in short we do this for cookie data but again its anonymous data
Can you please give a better explanation of your business model. I read that you harvest cookie data - but to me that sounds incredibly offputting. What data do you collect and - exactly - how do you use it?
@mickc79 I want to use this but their lack of information and the lack attention to privacy concerns got me halted in one place.
@mickc79 @dinuka_jayasuriya Hello. Please visit our privacy policy for more information. It's on our homepage. You can share your concerns, we will address it accordingly.
@mickc79 @dinuka_jayasuriya you can check the above thread for clear explanation.
@mickc79 @dinuka_jayasuriya @ravi_vaka2 maybe answer the question publicly and not direct someone to a privacy policy. Be open, transparent.
Great product !! Much much better than onesignal ...relieaf to all onsignal users
@venkamraju we are overwhelmed to hear this :)

This is an update...originally I couldn't create a project. TruePush is extremely easy to setup and the dashboards and campaigns work great!

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I cannot get a project to create. When creating one, it needs an icon to be used for the site. It is supposed to be at least 400x400 and less than 500kb. I've followed those requirements, but it keeps flashing an error that an icon is needed when I try to save. After that, sometimes it just sits there and does nothing when I save. I reached out on their Freshchat but haven't heard back yet.


Excellent product, easy to use


Can't think of any

Sorry about the experience. We've personally checked it and it works. Can you share the image you uploaded to our email- We will get back to you soon.

As Push notifications becoming default now in every mobile app, also in web with PWAs becoming, TruePush can make life easier for developers and early-stage products.


1. Being free forever is huge plus 2. Super easy on-boarding for new project


Automated triggers missing

Thanks for the feedback, Automated triggers will be released in few days.