Anonymously share opinions and see demographic breakdowns

Share your opinion on any topic anonymously, in a bullying-free environment, and without any social pressure. Vote on questions and instantly see how you compare with the world based on gender, race, age, and more.
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Thanks for the hunt @chrismessina ! I’d love to get some feedback and I’m here to answer questions. TruePublic is an anonymous opinion platform that shows beautiful demographic breakdowns after every vote. It’s a safe and fun way to see where you fit in a statistical way. The current state of social media often makes it undesirable to share with honesty or frequency. Social norms leave many of us without a good way to understand where our views and actions fit into our larger world. We’d like to give you a fun way to share with freedom and better understand how you compare across countries, states, genders, political groups, schools, and more. This is not a social network. We are keeping the core functionality dead simple and everything anonymous. We don’t ask for your email, your name, your profile picture, or any other items that could ID you. After offering some brief demographic info you are ready to go. Let us know how we can make it better!! --- Kaben
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Very neat idea and super-slick app design! I can see a lot of applications for journalism and general research. Not sure how long the app has been around, but there's already a huge user base (thousands of answers for most questions), so the data seems pretty reliable. Nice work, team!
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@stephen_roe thanks for the feedback! It's great you liked TruePublic :) You can also submit your own questions and they will appear in the app after passing moderation.
@stephen_roe thanks Stephen!
@stephen_roe Thanks for pointing the usefulness for research and journalists. Strengthening that is on our agenda right now! Let us know in case you have any ideas on how to make it even better or if you'd like to suggest any new features :)
Thanks a lot for the hunt, @chrismessina ! I didn't need encouragement to "Eat our own dog food" when joining the TruePublic team. I was already addicted anyway. This app is for all the curious people out there who: - Feel an urge to learn something new on a daily basis. - Want to be the smart one in their daily conversations by having some metrics off which to base their opinion. - Are curious in any of the large spectrum of questions covering anything from a) the daily breaking news to b) what travel destination they should pick to c) how people use public bathrooms to d) pirates vs ninjas to ........ you name it! - Like feeling a part of something bigger and search for inclusion, no matter how accepted their opinion is... - ...or, the opposite, want a proof that they are unique and the public doesn't really understand the urgency and/or importance of some topics. - Like challenging themselves with questions forcing to think out of box. - Want a bullying-free environment to express their opinion and find how others REALLY think when not hiding behind the masks we all have to wear in public sometimes. Even if you identify yourself with only one of these, you'll still find TruePublic useful. Come in, ask your questions, answer hundreds of thousands already asked by others. Anonymously. I hope this app works for you as it does for me. Enjoy :)
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@chrismessina @diana_melkumyan love this. Great explanation.
Feels good to validate thoughts with that of the public!
@ruben_hambardzumyan thank you :) What are your favorite topics on TruePublic?
@ruben_hambardzumyan Thanks Ruben, excited to hear :)
A great place to spend free time. A real time-killer :D