Startup job search, with automated feedback for both sides

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Nice I'll add this to my hack your job search collection
@gabriel__lewis Cheers Gabriel, we appreciate it! 👍
Hello PH community! We’re excited to share TrueJob with you. Unlike other job sites, on TrueJob users can interact with our postings, ‘liking’ and ‘disliking’ different aspects (similar to Pandora). This might include the job title, company, or even parts of the job description (a job seeker might choose to ‘like’ the fact that it’s ok to work from home sometimes). Like a few things and you unlock job recommendations. The interactions flow to the employers as anonymous feedback, allowing employers to improve their job postings. Later, employers will be able to interact with resumes (liking/disliking skills, etc) to help us recommend more relevant candidates. Then job seekers will get to see that feedback and improve as well! The goal is to create a feedback loop, with incentives to rate things to improve recommendations, and ratings that turn into feedback and analytics to help the other side of the platform improve. We’ve got a couple of imgur albums to show off some parts of the site: Job seekers: Employers: Also, here’s a recent HN conversation on TrueJob if you’d like to see more comments: ( Right now we have a selection of US startup jobs, which we collect direct from startup website with a custom scraping system. We started there because that’s what we know and when we were job seekers that’s what we were looking for! I have been working on iterations of this idea for several years, and @mwkling joined onboard about a year ago. Would love people to try out the site and give us any feedback!
Just my opinion its too dark for me.
@brandonshtein Hey Brandon, thanks for the comment. We've definitely heard people not like the dark theme before, but we really think it shows that we're aiming for a job website much different than most. That being said, we're always up for design suggestions -- @mwkling and I are definitely better programmers than designers, if you're interested I'd be glad to setup a call so we could know how to improve :) Let me know!
@skottle @mwkling I can give suggestions only thing I am not a designer ;(
Very neat approach - I look forward to trying it out. Varying job titles is a yuge PITA with conventional search.