Troops’ CRM Workflow Builder for Slack

Actionable & predictive workflow b/t Salesforce and Slack

Build highly actionable and predictive workflow between Salesforce and Slack

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Great job !! Definitely gonna try it out !! Does it come with hubspot to slack integration! Any product hunter discount coupons?
@ayush_chandra great question. We're not yet integrated with Hubspot but it's top of mind for us. Feel free to drop me a line over email to chat 'hunter' goodies.
Love Troops - have been using at Robin for a while. Can't imagine working in Slack without it
Dan from Troops here. We’re excited to be sharing the most robust and customizable way to build actionable and predictive workflow between Salesforce and where your team is increasingly living - Slack! In this new update, you can create intelligent and actionable workflows on: - Any object in Salesforce, including custom objects! - Stuck deals - Upcoming and overdue dates - Any report in Salesforce And the best part?...All of these workflows let you log activity and make updates to Salesforce directly from Slack. You’ll also notice a brand new template library which makes it easy to discover and implement popular Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success workflows. Join Hubspot, Looker, Square and many more by getting started today! - The Troops
@danreich Congrats on the feature launch! What is your pricing model?
@dj_z Thanks Zach. It's a traditional SaaS model. I'm - happy to discuss.
Hello, nice product! If you're looking for customers I would be pleased if you'd like to join where you can offer discounts or other rewards to users (e.g. for registration, new subscription etc.)
This is awesome, nice work!
@jimrand Thanks Jim!