Troops 2.0

Update Salesforce directly from Slack

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Scott Britton
@britton · Co-Founder at Troops.ai
Scott from Troops here. Really excited to share with you the latest version of Troops that now includes the ability to update Salesforce without ever leaving Slack. 👌🏻 That means no more context switching, less clicks, a great mobile experience, and a more delightful way to interact with your customer data. And since I know a few of you might ask….Troo… See more
Brendan O'Neil
@brendan_o · Sales and Partnerships at Robin
Huge fan of what Troops is up to. They really understand the Slack <-> Salesforce workflow, excited for 2.0
David J. Bradley, MBA
@dbradleyri · Digital Marketing Strategy Expert
I want to use Salesforce just to use Troops. Awesome work! Congrats to the Troops team.
Kayvon Bina
@kayvonbina · Co-Founder, Metric Collective
The Troops team is quickly realizing the vision of bots / automation + workflow applications > system of record incumbents. Congrats on 2.0!
Anthony Lee
@anthonygawonlee · Data Scientist at Lunamisoo
Love Troops!