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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 21, 2016

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Scott BrittonMaker@britton · Co-Founder at
Hey Product Hunters! Scott, one of the cofounders at Troops here. Our entire team is incredibly excited to share our product with you. Troops’ mission is to make work easier by bridging the gap between the systems we use at work everyday and messaging platforms where teams are spending their time. For teams that use Salesforce, Slack, and Google Apps, Troops’ first product is a Slackbot that makes it easier to use your CRM and configure intelligence so that you can stay on top of your most precious relationships and customers. Key features include: - Reports: Pull and schedule existing Salesforce reports directly into Slack - Digital Gong: Celebrate team wins in Slack (*more triggers soon) - Search: Search and configure custom views of Salesforce data anywhere in Slack We’d love to hear your feedback! Thanks! PS - I wrote more about what we’re doing, vision, and latest fundraising announcement here:
Dave Gerhardt@davegerhardt · Director of Marketing at Drift
@britton awesome to see you guys launch!
Scott BrittonMaker@britton · Co-Founder at
@davegerhardt thanks bud. Def taking queues from all the things you guys are doing at Drift!
George Valdes@georgevaldes · Marketing, Sales Ops @Superform
@britton Congrats on the launch! This is easily going to be a must-use product for sales / customer success teams on the go and in the office. As an assitive tool it's a product that cares about the day to day activities of salespeople, enabling them to get more done. I have a fever, and the only cure is more digital gong!
Scott BrittonMaker@britton · Co-Founder at
@georgevaldes I think we might need to make Ron Burgundy an advisor
Christian Whitehouse@kiptastic · Cofounder, Donut
@britton Congrats on the public launch!
David J. Bradley, MBA@dbradleyri · Digital Marketing Strategy Expert
I think everyone feels the need of having 900 different tools to get the job done, but we can only use so many. The integration of the CRM within Slack is one thing that makes everything more simple without losing the power. Yes, switching tabs all day IS that annoying, inconvenient and unproductive. Awesome work by Troops here.
Scott BrittonMaker@britton · Co-Founder at
@dbradleyri less tabs, more work! We agree David and appreciate the support
Dan@deec_nj · Sales Ops Manager, Bluecore
We've been testing Troops for a few months now. It makes it super easy to pull in relevant CRM data with simple commands. We all know how 'lazy' sales people are...joking aside, with Troops, we're able to expose key info on demand without the need to buy a CRM license for every employee.
Scott BrittonMaker@britton · Co-Founder at
@deec_nj Thanks Dan! We appreciate your support
John Exley@johnexley · Sales, Yieldmo
In my experience, Salesforce is a pretty painful product to use (and behavior to get used to).... It's nice to stay in the 'messaging mode' that I'm used to being in all day, and that's where Troops is great. It's less of a context switch, but still allows you as a seller to stay in sync with Salesforce
Scott BrittonMaker@britton · Co-Founder at
@johnexley appreciate your color here John. Personally its nice that when someone pings about what's going on with a deal or contact, I can just show them everything I need to instantly without leaving the conversation
Drew AustinHiring@drewaustin · CEO of Wade & Wendy
Great team, great product, excited to watch how the funding is going to fuel their growth!
Scott BrittonMaker@britton · Co-Founder at
@drewaustin thanks Drew! We very much share a similar vision about the future of how poeple will do work