A community for new grads in New York City

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Trolley is a community for new grads moving to New York City. Make new friends, access exclusive neighborhood events, and FaceTime our team of locals for #adulting help. Settling into a new city is hard -- we're here to make it a little easier.
  • Sarah McBride
    Sarah McBridemarketing + social @ betaworks

    As a foreign import to NYC, this is endlessly useful. So many basic things in this city hinge on having connections.


    I'm looking forward to seeing how the team bridge the experience from online to IRL meet-ups and mixers.

    I wrote about just *how* difficult it is to move to this city as a new grad so if you're interested, you can read all the gory details here:

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  • Mike Mahlkow
    Mike MahlkowCo-Founder @ Blair

    Sounds like a great idea! Many of my friends are struggling when they move into new cities.


    I cannot think of anything that currently solves this problem sufficiently

    Excited to see how this plays out

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Jesse Chand
Jesse ChandMaker@jessechand · YC Founder. Former product @ Snapchat.
Hey Product Hunt! I'm Jesse, one of the makers of Trolley. Our mission is to become the center of community for young professionals in cities. Our team met in college through building communities together, and we've been inspired by them ever since: their capacity to bring people together, to motivate, and to elevate quality of life. While communities were everywhere in college, we've found that post-grad (in the "real world") it can feel much harder to find your place. It's quite common today for people to jump into a new city for work without really knowing anyone at all beforehand — and outside the structure of college, it can be really tough to just feel connected again. Nearly half of Americans today feel lonely some or most of the time. We built Trolley to make this experience easier. We're starting with recent grads moving to New York City — featuring an online community, events for members, and access to FaceTime with our team of locals for #adulting help. Moving forward, we're excited to expand to other cities and use physical spaces to bring people together. I’m so stoked to hear what you think! If you or a friend are graduating and moving to NYC, we’d love to hear more about how we can help. And if you can relate to us but you're in another part of the world — we'd love to hear from you too! Cheers, Jesse
Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
@jessechand Neat idea! I'm curious to hear about how you will support community members as they face some of the common struggles of bring a young professional: anxiety, stress, money worries etc. Is that where your team of locals step in with resources and advice?
Snigdha Sur
Snigdha SurHiring@snigdha · founder & ceo of The Juggernaut
@jessechand What a great idea! I was the social chair for my business analyst group back in the day when I was in consulting and I remember how important it was to build that social fabric and build out events, especially amid the stresses of your first job life! As folks who are building out community right now through our own product, we at The Juggernaut are finding that it's so important to have those networks for support, and also get outside of your bubble, too.
Jesse Chand
Jesse ChandMaker@jessechand · YC Founder. Former product @ Snapchat.
Hey @abadesi — that’s a fantastic question! Yes — we think of our team of locals as your “big siblings” in the city. They’re available for a video chat to help answer any questions that come up in your transition to the “real world”: from personal finance and renting apartments, to general logistics and recommendations. We believe that belonging to a tight-knit community is one of the most important factors to your mental health, so we're also putting a big focus on in-person meetups and events!
Cherrie Wang
Cherrie Wang@cher_wang
Super exciting concept! Wondering if you plan on monetizing, or if you plan on keeping access to the community for free? I saw the upcoming Clubhouse service on your website, how is that related to the current Slack product?
Calvin LeGassick
Calvin LeGassickMaker@calvinlegassick
@cher_wang we're definitely planning on building a business! the first step to that is providing an incredible value for our community members. the clubhouse is one of our first ideas for monetization, but we're excited to see where we can provide the most value and what we can build that's worth paying for.
Ben Stanfield
Ben Stanfield@ben_stanfield · Co-founder @ Skipper
@jessechand This is really promising! Thinking about a move to NY in the near future and top priority is office space. When do you think the clubhouse will be available in Manhattan? And secondly, will there be office space available in the clubhouse like WeWork or is it just a social space? Keep up the good work!
Jesse Chand
Jesse ChandMaker@jessechand · YC Founder. Former product @ Snapchat.
@ben_stanfield Thanks Ben! We're hoping to have the Clubhouse ready later this summer, and we're really stoked about it! Definitely hoping to have a more social atmosphere than WeWork, but wouldn't rule out the option to be able to get some work done there too :)
Arjun Patel
Arjun Patel@arjun_patel1
Wish I had this as a recent grad!!
Denis Shershnev
Denis ShershnevPro@eulerr · Founder & CEO
Awesome @jessechand ! You've done great work!
Jesse Chand
Jesse ChandMaker@jessechand · YC Founder. Former product @ Snapchat.
@eulerr Thanks so much Denis!