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TripScout produces high quality audio guides and offline maps with a quirky twist that I really appreciate - they cover the highlights you'll obviously want to know but also slightly more obscure points of interest. I don't get to travel as much as I'd like to anymore but have also found the guides to be fun armchair traveling - I can learn about cities I'd like to visit someday. 

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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Konrad, CEO/co-founder of TripScout. Happy to answer any questions and big thanks to Gillian for hunting us! 😺FIRST - I created the promo code "producthunt" for Product Hunters to download any guide for free. We'd love any product feedback you all have. 😺 For context, I've been to ~100 countries and have built the app I always wish I had on my travels. Our app allows you to have a local and authentic self-guided city tour, curated by locals who also provide engaging audio guides (for approximately half guides) on an offline map. Experience the local side of a city, explore cool neighborhoods, try local restaurants, sip the best coffee or cocktails, and see all the iconic sites while you learn about the local history, culture, and food. We will make sure you hit the 'must-see' sites, but also show you the best off-the-beaten-path local spots too. Say goodbye to hours of internet research, boring tours, and outdated guidebooks!
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@gokonrad Keep up the great work man!
@gokonrad Love your use of the cat emoji but I really love TripScout. It makes me soooo happy to see TripScout here!! Everyone go use promo code "producthunt" to download any guide for free!!
Excellent product, excellent people, excellent content... quite excellent all round.
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@montymunford Thank you for the kind words!
Not only is it a great product. It's a great team!
Thanks @thorpus, we really appreciate it!
@thorpus thanks Justin!
Konrad and the TripScout folks are the best! Love to use it when I travel.
Fantastic app and a must-have for any traveler.
@emad_ibrahim Thank you!! Appreciate the kind words!