Kayak for vacation homes & short-term rentals

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Save time and money by comparing properties from the world’s top rental sites including HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey, Housetrip, Interhome, Roomorama, and more. With over 5 MILLION RENTALS ranging from $10 a night to $10,000 a night in 100,000 destinations worldwide. is the best place to search, compare, and book the perfect vacation rental for your next trip.
@kwdinc Thanks for commenting, Kevin!
I've used this site a couple of times when looking at a new travel destination. It's been very helpful to have most of the rental sites aggregated in one place. Their filters have been great, they help me narrow the results down to the best rentals. Glad to see they got additional funding!
@tylerswartz Thanks Tyler! I'm happy you like our new filters. Our engineering team did a great job with them. If you have any specific requests for the filters or anything else, just let us know - we love hearing feedback.
Tripping's been around for almost 5 years - curious if there has there been a new major update to the site recently? Also added to my Vacation Rentals collection: This also leads me to my other question - as you might see in the collection, other vacation home metasearch sites exist as well. What does Tripping have that others don't?
@anujadhiya I think there are three components that make a metasearch site great. The first is having many sources for the results. The second, and I would argue the more important part is having a well designed search results experience that allows a visitor to easily filter/refine their search and compare listings. This makes the experience of looking through hundreds of results much more enjoyable. The last part is discovery; inspiring people to travel to places they wouldn't normally think of.
@anujadhiya Hi Anuj! Thanks for your questions. was the first metasearch site for vacation rentals and we're constantly updating the site with new rental listings and new features. (In fact, we're announcing something big tomorrow so keep an eye out for it.) We also A/B test like crazy to ensure that we're always giving our users a high-quality experience across the platform. In terms of what we offer, @tylerswartz nailed it. It's all about offering comprehensive inventory, intuitive search relevancy, and a positive user experience. Since we offer more rental properties than anyone, we're able to give our users access to over 5 million listings around the world. Our Engineering team is constantly improving our search algorithm by blending functionality with inspirational elements to help our users find the perfect rental for their budget. On the flipside, we're also sending millions of visitors to our partners every month. We're a top traffic source for the majority of them and we're actively helping to grow their revenues. Sitting in the middle of the industry enables us to fuel their growth while simultaneously helping travelers find vacation rentals. It's a great position to be in and we're bullish on the future of Tripping.
i searched for a cabin in pigeon forge TN first result was a 3 BR cabin for $409 / night ..something is wrong with this search algorithm for sure :)